The Franchise Coach

Experience underpins "The Franchise Coach".

The complete franchise resource

We are one of New Zealand’s first organisations established specifically to provide high levels of support, services, and mentoring necessary to advance business ambition to franchise reality.

We have no hesitation inviting you to judge us by just some of the hundreds of companies we have been involved with since 1996. These include such immediately recognised brands as Valentines, The $2 Shop, Bed Post and Sierra Coffee.

There is one aspect of experience giving "The Franchise Coach" an unassailable edge. In 1986 our founder, David McCulloch, launched and successfully nurtured and grew the Arano Juice brand as a franchise business.

Franchising Understanding and Insights Shared.

These were pioneer days of franchising in New Zealand. There were few franchising consultants or advisors to call on. Banks had no franchise finance specialists. Lawyers and accountants had little or no knowledge of franchising’s legal and financial intricacies. For David McCulloch this meant learning franchising at the school of hard knocks. This experience alone has equipped David with invaluable understanding and insights he willingly shares with those involved with "The Franchise Coach", including our clients.

Their Very Own "Franchise Coach".

The name "The Franchise Coach" very much reflects a way of working encouraged by David and embraced by all of us here. Clients in our early days commenting it was like having their very own coach inspired the name.

Winning coaches are invariably those who have played and risen to the top of their game. Firmly grounded in experience, their knowledge and advice is not theory learned from books. This is puts "The Franchise Coach" in a different league from others offering franchise consultancy and business mentoring services.

Generation 2 Franchising.

And, just as coaches must stay on top, so it is with "The Franchise Coach". Over the past five years, risk-management and everything else involved with establishing a franchise has become more sophisticated. "The Franchise Coach" is right up with the play in what some call Generation 2 Franchising.

’The Franchise Coach’ team of partners, affiliates and advisors are imbued with the ethos of actively integrating advisor and client skill sets, constructing a far stronger foundation on which to grow a franchise and achieve the client’s goals, whether in New Zealand or internationally.

"The Franchise Coach" is a member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand. Association of New Zealand Franchise Member
"The Franchise Coach"
Phone +64 21 943 776
PO Box 25020, St Heliers, Auckland, 1740, New Zealand

The Name Behind 100's of Franchise Successes

The Franchise Coach is an ongoing professional advisor to the $2 Shop and a sounding board at directorial and management levels.

Brian Salmon
The $2 Shop, Founder/Director

The Franchise Coach team provides us with a resource of individuals whose expertise and skills we regard as a vital adjunct to the management structure of our franchise operations.

Kevin Routledge
Sierra Coffee, Palmers Gardenworld, Valentines

… one thing we were sure of, we had only the one chance to get it right.

Melanie Rule, Business Development Manager
Safeway Auto Auctions

Our decision to attend seminars convened by The Franchise Coach convinced us to engage them to look at the options.

Walter Goldstein, Director
Plumb’In Bathroom & Kitchen Factory Shop

The team at The Franchise Coach have a broad range of skills that we put to effective use to kick that business area to the next level.

John McMullen
Director, Armstrong Corporation Locksmiths & Alarm Specialists