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Retail Services Best Franchisee of the Year

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A little over five years ago you would have found Tina Morrison quite happily pursuing a nursing career while husband Tim was enjoying being customer services manager at a South Auckland Toyota dealership.

But Tim's father had other ideas, suggesting his son and daughter-in-law get into self-employment through an opportunity he felt was right for them. In November 2009 that opportunity was not only awarded Retail Services Best Franchisee of the Year, it was also the top performing of all 54 Carpet One franchises.

“Mind you, for the first six months we did wonder if we'd done the right thing,” laughs Tina. “Just as well we had Tim's brother to mentor us. Until we bought the business we didn't know that as a chartered accountant he also offered business mentoring. Now though, we've no doubts whatsoever. We love everything about the business and we love having Carpet One as our franchisor. They're absolutely fantastic. You only have to call an area manager and they'll spend how ever long it takes to sort a problem or whatever.

“Something else we love about Carpet One is the family atmosphere they've created which is exactly our business philosophy. We didn't see it as us winning the Best Franchisee Award, but everyone who works here. It's now displayed in the office so everyone can feel a sense of pride and ownership.”

David McCulloch, Managing Director, The Franchise Coach:-
“What impresses me about Tina and Tim is their obvious understanding and commitment to customer service. It's also refreshing to see how they are so obviously enthusing staff to embrace their high service standards. Believe me, bad or indifferent customer service can sound the death knell for any retail business regardless of the desirability of what is sold.

“We are proud to have sponsored Retail Services which is the cornerstone of so many franchise businesses. We certainly see Tina, Tim and the staff at Carpet One – Counties as deserving winners. Congratulations!”

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