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Fiona Macky
Senior Consultant
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When Fiona joined The Franchise Coach in April 2001 she brought to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience in small to medium sized businesses, including sales, construction, manufacture, importing, wholesale, accountancy and the marine industry.

Fiona has been very active in women’s sailing in Auckland. As a helmswomen representing New Zealand, she understands and demonstrates the importance of motivation, teamwork and leadership. She has also coached children in yachting and held senior roles in race management at major dinghy championships.

During her years with The Franchise Coach Fiona has specialised in franchise systems development, advising and coaching to franchise start-ups. With expertise in structure, legal aspects and financial analyses, she has a passion for instilling excellent franchisor – franchisee relationships. She consults to clients past the development stage ensuring that their recruitment and on-boarding is to best practice.

  Fiona Macky, Senior Consultant for The Franchise Coach
David McCulloch
Managing Director
Phone: 64 - 9 - 580 1556 ext 400 Mobile: 64 - 021 - 943 776
In 1990 David was appointed the founding director member of the NZ Chapter of the Franchise Association of Australia and New Zealand, and then in 1995 elected as the inaugural Chairman of the Franchise Association of New Zealand. David has also been guest presenter at the University of Auckland and other educational facilities, tutoring on franchising. “I believe the true value of The Franchise Coach to our clients lies in each client being able to adopt the knowledge gained for themselves, thus taking ownership of the process and their business.”… David McCulloch.
  David McCulloch
Ivan Tava
Senior Consultant
Phone: 64 - 9 - 580 1556 ext 369 Mobile: 64 - 027 - 288 8855

A Masters graduate in Business Administration, Ivan has a wealth and diversity of business ownership and senior management experience spanning the FMCG, manufacturing and travel industry sectors. He has been involved in a number of successful start-ups including his own jewellery wholesaling and manufacturing business. During his 14 year ownership, the company became a key supplier to multinational marketers and exported product throughout the Asia Pacific region.

After selling his business in 1997, Ivan’s interest in the Internet as a marketing tool led to a variety of marketing start-ups and business development projects for companies including The Warehouse and Over recent years Ivan has been active in the education of business undergraduates and the training of business owners and specialised in business development consulting, with a particular interest in business planning and market positioning for competitive advantage. He has been involved in the development and support of numerous successful franchise systems including the Link Business Broking franchise and currently coordinates the paper New Venture Projects at Massey University as well as running a range of workshops on marketing and business planning.

  Ivan Tava Senoir Consultant
Jenny Holden
Phone: 64 - 9 - 580 1556 ext 402

With her strong focus on Human Resource and management processes, Jenny brings diverse knowledge and experienced analysis to franchise documentation and manual preparation. Her thoroughness and attention to detail is legendry, providing The Franchise Coach clients with professional outcomes first time. Jenny’s career background includes hospitality management, the building industry and more recently small business support in general. Outside the work environment, Jenny is active in the community, school and church where she has held administrative roles in governance.

  Jenny Holden Franchise Coach Consultant
Doug Scott JP AC MBA
Senior Consultant

Inventor, business owner, franchise manager, writer and publisher, general manager, business mentor, marketing manager, public speaker, Justice of the Peace, community board chairman, Licensing Trust deputy chairman and marriage and funeral celebrant, few people can claim to have packed into their lives as much business experience and community involvement as Doug Scott. As a senior consultant with The Franchise Coach, Doug's broad platform of knowledge and understanding is an invaluable asset to all clients whether they are launching a franchise system or buying into an existing franchise. If Doug has a passion it is the development and protection of intellectual property - the financial core of all franchise systems – and Knowledge Management Planning which is a strategy based on using the knowledge a person or management team has of a particular business to differentiate it from others and by doing so accelerate growth and achieve greater profitability. Somehow Doug manages to find balance in his busy life with leisure pursuits that include boating, blokarting, bocce and visual arts.

  Doug Scott
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"The Franchise Coach"
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The Name Behind 100's of Franchise Successes

what the franchise coach does is take the process much further including the essential but too often overlooked element of marketing and recruitment of franchisees.

Nick Stevens, Senior Franchise Broker
Link Business Broking Ltd

A brand is something that is alive and constantly evolving. The same can be said of a franchise structure, so having a trusted and reliable reference point in the Franchise Coach is important for us to stay ahead of competitors.

Robert Fowler, Director, Bed Post NZ Ltd (PAST CHAIRMAN of the New Zealand Franchise ASSOCIATION)

… we felt a bit like going to the headmaster’s office when we looked to Auckland and approached The Franchise Coach.

Phil Brocks, Founder/director
Fencing Around

The team at The Franchise Coach have a broad range of skills that we put to effective use to kick that business area to the next level.

John McMullen
Director, Armstrong Corporation Locksmiths & Alarm Specialists