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Franchise Association of New Zealand awards David McCulloch with its 3rd only life membership

At the eighteenth annual Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards at Auckland's Crowne Plaza on Saturday, November 17, the industry recognised one of its own when David McCulloch, founder and principal of 'The Franchise Coach', was called up on stage to be honoured with a life membership to the Franchise Association of New Zealand. David now joins Colin Taylor, founder of Sterling Sports, and Bill McGowan of Fastway Couriers as the only life members since the association was formed in 1996.

This award comes on top of David and his 'The Franchise Coach' team receiving 'The Service Provider of the Year 2009/2010' award at the fifteenth annual Westpac Awards.

No-one was more surprised at receiving the honour of life membership than David himself, suspecting nothing when a good friend checked more than once that he would be attending the awards. “I'm not usually lost for words, but being called up on stage and then receiving the life membership, I was pretty much speechless,” laughed David. 'It is indeed a great honour and to receive it in front of so many involved with the franchise industry was a tremendous thrill. An honour I share with my wife Laurel”

Commenting on David's Life Membership, Franchise Association chairman, David Foster said it recognised his considerable commitment of energy, personal experience – both as a franchisor and administrator – and an unfailingly constructive attitude as major influences on consolidating confidence and integrity in franchising as a credible business model in New Zealand. “The foundational character of his contribution combined with ongoing loyalty and significant commitment to the sector over many years makes David McCulloch a worthy recipient of life membership to the Franchise Association of New Zealand.”

David, together with wife Laurel, became one of the country's pioneer franchisors when in 1986 they restructured their orange juicing and distribution business, Arano, into a franchise system. Growth was such that in 1993 a master franchisee for New Zealand was awarded. This freed up David to further show his confidence in the future of franchising by not only establishing 'The Franchise Coach' as one of the country's first franchise consultants but also gaining experience in international franchising by bringing into New Zealand the computer learning system, FutureKids. The McCulloch's sold out of Arano in 2007 with the franchise system now owned by Frucor Beverages Ltd.

Recognising the value of New Zealand's emerging franchisors being able to share experiences and set industry standards, David forged a relationship with Australia's long established franchise association. A consequence of this was the formation of the Franchise Association of Australia and New Zealand with his appointment as director. In 1996 increased separation of regulations governing franchising in the two countries saw the formation of the Franchise Association of New Zealand with David McCulloch voted its inaugural chairman.

Notable achievements during his tenure included negotiating sponsorship of the first bi-annual survey of franchising that continues to this day, and being part of the team that designed New Zealand's first tertiary franchise qualification run out of Auckland's Unitec Institute of Technology. Passionate about education, David has since 1999 been a member of the Saint Kentigern Trust Board and just three years ago furthered his own education, completing a post-graduate level course on franchising at the Griffith University in Australia.

In 2002 he was contracted by the World Bank to lead the 'Introducing Franchising to Vietnam” programme based in Ho Chi Minh City.

David said that had he known in advance that he would be honoured with a life membership of the Franchise Association of New Zealand, his acceptance speech would have probably been along the lines of:- “Franchising in New Zealand still has tremendous potential for growth though not necessarily in New Zealand. I can foresee exporters using franchise systems to develop their supply chains internationally while the numbers and rate of home grown franchise systems going global will increase. I also believe listed corporates will add franchise operations to their business model as a strategy to reach markets difficult for them to gain a foothold in. Whereas in the 80s and 90s a franchisee tended to be a 'ma and pa' operator of one unit, I'm predicting that a majority of franchisees will own multiple units. Really, when you think about it, franchising has just begun.”

The name 'The Franchise Coach' is itself a reflection of the energy and commitment David brings to all his clients. Originally he began consulting as personal favours but under encouragement he started marketing and charging for his experience and skills. Immediate feedback was that his approach was more as participant than consultant. As one client suggested, working with David was like having their very own franchise coach. And with that, 'The Franchise coach' was born and has to date been involved with over 150 clients...

“As a coach, I have but one aim, and that is to transfer the knowledge to the client who I am in effect partnering through a process that in recent years has seen the typical franchise model develop into a complex and professional method of managing a network of outlets. Unlike many consultants, I believe that true value to my client lies in the client being able to adopt the knowledge gained for themselves, and therefore be able to take ownership of the process and their business. This is an ethos fully understood and followed by my team of consultants who are led by senior consultants Fiona Macky, Ivan Tava, and Jenny Holden as well as accountants, lawyers, bankers and brand management companies we engage with.”

What peers, associates and 'The Franchise Coach' clients had to say about David McCulloch being honoured with life membership to the Franchise Association of New Zealand.

I have known David for over 25 years and we have done a lot together in franchising. David's Life Membership of FANZ is so well deserved because he gives such practical and experienced advice, he is passionate about franchising and he loves his clients to succeed. He is always available, helpful and goes the extra mile - and he has done so much for franchising in New Zealand and for the Association. Well done David!!

Stewart Germann
Franchising Lawyer

Congratulations on a richly-deserved honour. You were the prime mover behind the creation of the Association, then the Awards and the Survey, and made them all happen with charm, co-operation and unstoppable momentum. You stepped in to assist with administration, MC-ing conferences and whatever else was necessary, and the Association is deeply in your debt.

Both as chairman and on a personal level, I have often had cause to value your experience as a mentor and friend. I was overjoyed to see your contribution being publicly recognised on Saturday night - I even forgive you the bad jokes with which you have regaled us every month.

Many thanks, and congratulations to Laurel too - I know how great a support she is for you.

Simon Lord
Publisher/Editor Franchise New Zealand magazine & website

We are delighted to congratulate David McCulloch for the honour of being awarded Life Membership of The Franchise Association of New Zealand. As a Past Chairman of the Franchise Association I am very aware of the high standard required to achieve receipt of this award. David due to his vast experience as a Franchisor and Managing Director of The Franchise Coach Consultancy company surpassed that standard. The award is well earnt. The knowledge and experience David brings to Franchising through his company The Franchise Coach has personally assisted me develop my Company over the past twenty years. That advice has been a significant factor in the success of Bedpost New Zealand Ltd.

Robert Fowler
New Zealand Franchisor M.D.
Bedpost New Zealand Limited

David and Laurel congratulations on being awarded a most deserved and fitting tile of “Life Member” of NZ Franchising. I say both of you as I know the passion and contribution to Franchising you have both given is more than most of us put together. Well done, well deserved and nice when “nice people” are recognised. Kind regards Paul

Paul Brown
Paramount Services

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what the franchise coach does is take the process much further including the essential but too often overlooked element of marketing and recruitment of franchisees.

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A brand is something that is alive and constantly evolving. The same can be said of a franchise structure, so having a trusted and reliable reference point in the Franchise Coach is important for us to stay ahead of competitors.

Robert Fowler, Director, Bedpost NZ Ltd (PAST CHAIRMAN of the New Zealand Franchise ASSOCIATION)

… we felt a bit like going to the headmaster’s office when we looked to Auckland and approached The Franchise Coach.

Phil Brocks, Founder/director
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The team at The Franchise Coach have a broad range of skills that we put to effective use to kick that business area to the next level.

John McMullen
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