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First seen in Belgium in 1957, the Mr Minit brand arrived in New Zealand some 30 years ago but it wasn't until 2005 that the country's first franchised Mr Minit shop opened for business.

Regional Manager Stan van der Ham says the reasons for franchising were to achieve higher levels of customer service while at the same time create opportunities for top performing Mr Minit Team Members to more effectively realise their ambititions.

“Franchising as a way to increase levels of customer service was based on the premise that an owner/operator has a vested interest in looking after customers,” explains Stan. “This has very definitely proven to be true for Mr Minit. Similarly, by taking away the ceiling that limits how far Team Members can go within a traditional company structure, our top performing franchisee Team Members are achieving their ambitions – financially, professionally and personally. Consequently we have a very low rate of franchisee Team Member turnover.

“Our benchmarking measures and ranks not just our franchisees, but also company run outlets across New zealand and Australia. This allows each franchisee to see how they are performing against 204 other Mr Minit shops. The high ratio of field support to franchisees has ensured they get all the help they need to do well.”

Stan van der Ham says for a business that never had franchising as an end goal, winning the Retail Services Best Franchise System of the Year Award was very special.

“It's very pleasing to see our efforts being recognised by the Franchise Association. We were confident our system was a good one, but it's always gratifying to have industry experts confirm this. We were also proud to hear the judges' comments – 'The system provides well documented standardised systems and processes back up by comprehensive training to support and develop its franchisees'.”

David McCulloch, Managing Director, The Franchise Coach:-
“Sponsoring the Retail Services Best franchise System of the Year exposed us to a great many worthy candidates. However congratulations must go to the judges for selecting Mr Minit. As franchise consultants we have watched the business flourish as a franchise system based on an admirable business model developed to benefit both customers and those involved with the Mr Minit brand. Simple and honest objectives that are obviously paying dividends as are the systems put in place to navigate and drive these.

“To Stan and all Mr Minit Team Members we offer our heartiest congratulations.”

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